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Real Leadership Coaching
A Business Coaching Franchise that truly works!

Sure, it's easy to for us to make that claim. We know there have been many other business coaching franchises and there will be more in the future. So,what makes Real Leadership Coaching Franchise different and special?
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The 7 Essential Ingredients to this 
World Class Franchise

- Our program is based on high quality content developed and used for multiple decades. We've tested it and refined it, so we know it works

- Material and curriculum created by successful business coaches with proven track records

- The program has been successfully utilized by many new coaches who have found it easy to learn and use

- Coaching technology is at the heart of RLC, which is included in the program

- Real Leadership Coaching will transform a good coach to an extraordinary one in a short time frame

- Designed to help you get quality clients in addition to the quality content and methodology

- We offer a cast iron guarantee that your investment will cultivate the results you seek for your own success and the success of your coaching clients

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Facts on Business Coaching

There are currently 3 types of business coach out there:
Those who know absolutely nothing about business success but justify their approach by simply asking good questions

Those who know lots about business theory through study yet have never run a successful business themselves

Those who have a basic business knowledge and have paid a massive amount of money to buy a coaching franchise and who still have to part with large slices of their hard earned future income indefinitely. (Have they bought a franchise or a boss who they are working hard for?)

Whereas we are not wishing to make judgements, none of these potential business coaching routes is ever likely to produce delighted clients and significantly big enough rewards for the coaches' time and financial investment.
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